Thursday, January 10, 2008

Funky Dreams and a Kidfight

This is gonna be a quickie, I swear. I've got so much crap to do for starting this new job.

Monnik, I'm going on a diet with you. I tried to shop for a new wardrobe today. GAAAAH!! I will NOT buy the next pants size up, I WILL NOT! It's like saying "uncle" to the fat cells. Giving up. Nope, I'm a fighter (so I finished off all the carbs in the house tonight...can't just throw them away!).

Anyway, I had a strange dream last night. It was a "waking dream" where I swear I am awake. My eyes are open, and I can see, but I can't move. And I have auditory hallucinations and even visual ones. I identify with "alien abductees." I think the major difference between them and me (other than maybe a firmer grounding in reality) is that my waking dreams don't involve aliens.

Here's my typical waking dream: someone is in the room with me. I can't see them; they are just out of my field of vision. But I KNOW they are there. I can hear them; moreover I can sense them. And it's generally an ominous presence. I know my eyes are open; I think I am awake. But I am paralyzed. The dreams are almost always accompanied by an overwhelming sense of terror, and an escalating ringing in my ears. At some point I wake up, and I realize it was a waking dream. By then, my adrenaline is pumping and I don't want to go back to sleep for fear that I will have the dream again.

Last night, it wasn't a person in the room with me, it was a cat. I don't have a cat. I'm not really a cat person. I mean, I LIKE cats....just other people's cats.

I was lying in bed, in the dark, and I heard a cat meowing. It didn't sound friendly. I remember thinking, "what's a cat doing in my house?" Then I could hear it in the hallway (which is kind of dumb since I have carpet and cats are sneaky). It was meowing low and growly and coming closer. I could sense that it was in the room with me. Then I felt it hop on the foot of the bed and could feel it crouching there, staring. My terror was overwhelming. I could see it's yellow glowing eyes peering at me out of it's furry black face.

With a shriek, it pounced!!

I screamed and flung it off the bed with my arm as hard as I could! Then I woke up, realizing that I had just lashed out at a dream. My heart was pounding, I was sweating. Strangely, JeepMan didn't wake up. Maybe I didn't scream? But I definitely lashed out: my covers were all flung off me, and I always sleep buried in my covers up over my head.

Unsettling, but not FREAKY. A unique twist on a familiar (if unwelcome) experience for me.

Here's the FREAKY part. I was talking to JeepMan in the kitchen this morning, telling him about the dream. I asked if I had hit him or anything. He got this strange look on his face, then told me, "No, I don't think you hit me...but I had a dream about cats last night too. I dreamed I was driving home from your grandma's house," (she lives on a farm with lots of cats), "and when I got home there were like FIFTEEN cats hiding in the Jeep. I was so mad, because they had left cat hair everywhere! I opened up the Jeep and told them all to scram, then started cursing and cleaning up the cat hair. That's when I woke up."

Sometimes I think when you're married to someone long enough you get this weird psychic connection. No don't call me Dionne Warwick (for those old enough to remember that fiasco). It's just like we are on the same brainwaves or something. Of course, there are also those days when I am pretty sure the only brainwaves flowing in our household belong to me...

Maybe there was a cat outside. But we sleep with a fan on pretty loud. Or maybe I was meowing in my sleep? Or maybe JeepMan was meowing in his sleep. Probably him. He's the weird one.


Conversation in the car tonight:

Plato: Lulu, you're not my sister anymore.

Lulu: Oh YES I AM!!

Plato: No. You're. Not.

Lulu: UH HUH!!

Guys, you will always be brother and sister. Since you have the same mom and dad, you are brother and sister. Forever. Whether you like it or not.

Plato: ...Okay, but I call the house when we grow up. Lulu has to move out.


Guys, when you grow up you are BOTH moving out. Daddy and I get the house.

Plato: Well, I guess I will have to move into my girlfriend's house. With the kids.

(alert, alert, alert) Kids? What kids?

Plato: (eyeroll) Mom, of course I am going to have kids someday! I already have names for them picked out and everything.

(glance at JeepMan who is trying to keep a straight face).........Really. What are they?

Plato: HotShot and Kickoff.

(not going to laugh out loud, not going to laugh out loud) That's nice, dear.

Aren't they a little young to be thinking about this stuff? Maybe not. But I think I was at least 14 when I started thinking of names for my future kids. Lucky for Plato and Lulu, I grew out of that stage, otherwise their names would have been Akasha and Acadia.


Monnik said...

Dude! That black cat picture is freaky-creepy. Ick!

I so totally remember Akasha and Acadia. What happened there??? Oh man, that brings back memories from so long ago... I was going to have six daughters with Brad Johnson. They were all going to be blonde and their names would start with A. (Alicia, Allison, and I don't remember what else...)I used to draw family portraits of us all.

God, I was a geek.

Debbielou said...

Dreams are fascinating - I too have had dreams about cats in the past - I've googled it for you( as apparantly different animals mean different things - this is what is says !! ( Sorry it's a bit long)

"Cats symbolise women's instinct for homemaking and sense of space. They can also be seen as the protector of the home, representing security and comfort, either physical or emotional. If a cat appears in your dreams in a house, it is a sign of calm and peace, but it may also mean that you need a space of your own own, where you can be yourself. Although this is a very feminine symbol, it can be applied to men as well"

"A black cat is a sign of destiny, which can often mean that something bad is about to happen. However, it can also be interpreted as sign that the dreamer should return home, or take time to be themselves - maybe they need to feel safe and secure. It also shows a need to withdraw into oneself and spend some quiet time thinking, or relaxing.

A white cat, on the other hand, indicates something good is about to happen, maybe a baby is about to be born. For a woman, it can signal a deeper understanding of her feminity and for a man, a deeper understanding of themselves.

The aggressive cat
Seeing a nasty cat in a dream, means that the dreamer has a lot of built-up tension and may have ignored certain instincts or feelings, and is now feeling frustrated.

The dead cat (!!)
A dead cat in a dream usually means that the dreamer is neglecting parts of themselves. This may be physical, meaning that you are not looking after your health properly, or mental, meaning that you are not taking enough notice of your feelings.

Having looked all this up Thank your lucky stars you weren't dreaming about an Angry donkey !!

Sweet dreams ! x

SUV MAMA said...

Well, *I* don't get the best comment award because I didn't google cat dreams. Debbielou is the class winner.


RE: Plato & Lulu... that is too funny. That's the stuff you have to remember when they *do* bring home Mrs. right.

Tiff said...

Hey, I used to have waking dreams. Think it's hereditary? Mine are never cat dreams though - those turn out to be real. And generally involve them wanting to be fed.

So are HotShot and Kickoff boy or girl names? I was going to have an Ariel. What is it with "A" names and our hometown?

Debbielou said...

Thank you SUV Mama - very kind comments !!

When I was little I used to love the names Sam for a boy and Ella for a girl.

However when I got older the thought of signing my cards from Debbie , Malc, "Sam n Ella !!" ( Food poisoning !) didn't quite have the same appeal.

I ended up with Sam and Georgina instead

Travis Erwin said...

Hotshot and Kickoff? At elast they can get a job on American Gladiotors since the gladiators have thsoe kinds of names. By then they'll be on version 82 or so.

Mom In Scrubs said...

Thanks everyone! Thanks especially Debbielou. I love dream interpretation. I identify with the aggressive black cat: my life is in tumult right now with this new job. Translation: built up tension and destiny.

ms constance said...

Enjoyed the kids conversation- didn't know my future great- grandkids would be Hotshot and Kickoff. How could you keep from cracking up!