Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Day After Saturday

Just wanted to post that I had a great night last night. JeepMan took me out for sushi - my favorite! We ordered a "Love Boat," which is a 40-piece sampling of all kinds of sushi. It came with miso soup, which I could eat every day, and a ginger salad. JeepMan likes sushi too, but he said he would rather have had a steak. I just never crave a steak when I eat out, probably because I can cook a steak just as good at home, for cheaper! When I go out I want something that I can't or wouldn't make at home.

We saw the movie, "Fracture," with Anthony Hopkins. Man, is he getting wrinkly! But he's an awesome actor, and the movie was pretty good. I figured out the twist about halfway through. I hate it when I figure out the twist early. Ok, I mean, I like feeling smart, but it sort of ruins it too.

Today I have to go to Wal-Mart (as my friend Nik so appropriately put it, the 7th Circle of Hell). I need to grocery shop and necessities shop, so one stop shopping is the lure that takes me there. Then we have to go get the kids. Somewhere in there I need to start planning for LuLu's 3rd Birthday party, just 6 days away. I think she wants a Dora the Explorer theme. Black frosting, ugh.


Monnik said...

How was your trip to Hell? hehe.

Man, that Love Boat sampler sounds awesome. I need to come up and go out with your for sushi.

I do the same thing - figure out twists in movies. It's annoying! Brie hates it because I always spoil plot twists for her (like in the show Heroes that we're addicted to.)

Tiff said...

Mmm...sushi. That sounds good. Think Lulu would care if we had that for her birthday? Sigh...she probably would.

I thought after the Spiderman cake you weren't going to every use black frosting again! Have fun with Dora. That's more black frosting than Spiderman.

Monnik said...

Black frosting may be a giant PIA, but it's totally worth the mess and hassle to make a cool birthday cake for the kids.

Vali wants a monkey cake this year. Should be pretty easy, I think, but she's likely to change her mind the day before her birthday like she did last year.

Mom In Scrubs said...

I am actually trying to talk Lulu into a Hello Kitty cake again this year; I was sick last year and didn't get to make a very good one, and I still have napkins, plates, and all the Hello Kitty accessories left over from last year too!

Yeah, sushi is awesome. Don't know how it handles the heat though, so it's probably out for the party. Lulu wouldn't eat it, but Plato would - he loves it!

T2K said...

But, but, then she could be thankful for sushi along with calamari and vitamins.

So Plato likes sushi, huh? Actually, that doesn't really surprise me. He has sophisticated tastes, just like his aunt. :-)

Thanks for the new invite!