Friday, August 10, 2007

General Update

Well life has been busy around here, to say the least. My medical woes have reached a sort of tests for all the bad things (carcinoid tumor, adrenal tumor) have come back negative, and I am currently being treated for panic attack. The medicines I am on seem to be doing the trick, so maybe there IS something to this whole psychotic business. My friends can tell I am on the meds, they tell me I am even more mellow than I used to be, and seem surprised that it is even possible. About the only difference that I notice is that I don't get worked up as easily as I used to about things like my house being a sty, or JeepMan being crabby, or the kids beating each other up...And hey, that's kind of nice.

JeepMan is in the process of getting the Jeep and Jeep accessories (trailer, 3/4 ton pickup) ready to sell. Yes, sell. As you may recall, we just bought the Truck back in, like, March. Well, he has come to the realization that we own (make payments on) too many boy-toys. He is oblivious to the fact that I have been telling him this for over 3 years, but it has not escaped MY attention! And lest I get my hopes up that we could maybe go from 3 car payments/month to one....oh, no.....the motivation for this is whole wacky plan is that he wants to buy another JEEP. One with 4 doors, that will not require trailer-ing. Oh joy, oh rapture. Will the car payments never end?

Plato is in the midst of his own anxiety. He is going to start first grade in a couple weeks, and has begun to worry about it a lot. He thinks he is not ready to go, worries that he might have to read chapter-books, thinks he is going to have homework....and on and on. No amount of mommy-reassurance is helping. I hope this child doesn't grow up to have panic attacks, because I will know whose genes he inherited.

Lulu is having her own mini-traumas. We started her at a new daycare last month, so she is now in the same daycare as Trent. For the first couple of weeks she did very well...almost TOO well. Now we are seeing the backlash. My formerly brassy, confident little girl has turned into a whiny, clingy, sobbing little monster. Every day she cries when dropped off for daycare, often while clinging to JeepMan's leg. He has NO patience for this, it drives him nuts. Every morning she asks me if it is a "school day," and when she finds out it is, she dissolves into tears. It doesn't help that I have been working late a lot this week, so I haven't been able to pick her up from school lately or spend as much time with her as I would like. Even the littlest thing will send her into dispair. We are sort of at our wit's end...I am hoping it is a phase and will pass. I would hate to have to switch her back to her old daycare because of this.

I remember Plato at this age going through something like this. What I mostly remember is thinking, "My goodness, my 3-year-old cries more than my infant!!"

I guess that about covers it; doesn't really sound like all that much but it is certainly keeping us occupied.

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Monnik said...

Vali did the same thing when we switched daycares. She did great for about 2 weeks and then had issues for almost a month. She's doing well now, though.

I think it's just part of the transition to a new thing...

Glad to hear things are going better health wise. I want some of your meds - I could totally use something that mellows me out. I'm pretty high strung these days...