Monday, December 31, 2007

Frozen Frog and The True Spirit of....

Just a quickie as I am off to the O.R. for some long, drawn out, gory procedure:

As we were on our way home last night from Christmas #3 (my family, very relaxing and nice) the kids were in the backseat fighting sleep. It's so amusing to listen to them have their own private conversations.

We were driving by a house with a big inflatable snowman in the front yard that had face-planted into the snow due to high winds. Lulu observed, in her usual dramatic style, that, "Dat snowman had too many beers and fewl down bweedin' and died!"

Plato was quite offended, and chastised her, "Lulu! That is not showing the True Spirit of Christmas!!"

JeepMan was trying hard not to bust out laughing. He mumbled to me, "No, but it might be showing the True Spirit of New Year's."

Well, ok, except for the dying part.


This morning the kids were eating breakfast. Because we are such wonderful time-managing and attentive parents, the kids eat breakfast (JeepMan fixes it) by themselves while JM and I get ready for work. We put on CDs or the radio for them to listen to and they chat it up and have sibling bonding time.

This morning, Lulu started yelling, "MOM!! MOMMYY!! MOM!!! COME HEWE!!!"

I ran, in only my towel, into the kitchen, half-expecting blood or some other horrible scene. All looked well. "What? What is it?"

"Mom! The wadio guy said there's a fweezing fwog outside!! Can I see it?"

I looked outside. The sky was misty and the trees were beautifully frosted.

Freezing Fog.


Travis Erwin said...

Great stuff and if that frog had wings it would bust its frozen butt everytime it hopped.

Penelope said...

Too funny. . .

-- P

Monnik said...

those kids of yours crack me UP!

How does Lulu know about falling down from having too many beers??? ;)

Mom In Scrubs said...

Travis, thanks and is the frog thing a texas-ism?

Penelope - welcome and thanks for commenting!!

Monnik, Maybe TV?
Or my in-laws...yeah, probably the in-laws. As you recall they were the ones who taught the kids to do shots.