Thursday, July 03, 2008

Little Known Facts on KangaWoos

We were driving to the airport today to retrieve my delayed luggage (3rd time in 3 flights - grr), and the kids were looking at the scenery and conversing amongst themselves. I happend to catch a snippet of what they were talking about:

Lulu: Look, Pwato...dere's a kangawoo!!

Plato: (Sighs) Lulu...that is NOT a kangaroo.

Lulu: Yes it IS. Wite over dere!

Plato: I know where you're looking. There's NO kangaroo over there.

Lulu: Uh - HUUUUH..... I see one...

Plato: Lulu, you CAN'T see a kangaroo 'cause there's no Kangaroos in Collegeville.

Lulu: (sassily) Oh, yeah? Where dey fwom den?

Plato: (eyeroll) They're from TEXAS, Lulu.

(Lulu is silent as she thinks about this.)

(Plato is silent as well for a few moments. He's obviously second-guessing himself on the Texan Kangaroo thing.)


Plato: Or maybe they're from Asia. They're just not from around here, I know THAT.

Lulu: (sing-song) Asia, Asia, Asia, Asia.......


Tiff said...

Texas. Australia. Same diff. Either way, they are not going to be seen driving through Collegeville.

Makes me wonder what Lulu was actually looking at.

MrsTSalazar said...

I agree with Tiff, they are both the same. Both have funny accents too!


Monnik said...

What did we ever do before google? That image of the cowboy on a kangaroo is cracking me up almost as much as your kids' conversation.

writtenwyrdd said...

GAwd, I love your kids! Keep up with the Plato and Lulu stories.

Penelope said...

Haven't seen too many kangaroos in Texas.

Who knows, it could happen . . .


EE said...

Actually, mrstsalazar, very few people have a Texan accent. Those that do are mostly uneducated.