Thursday, October 09, 2008

Karma, Sweet Karma

So JeepMan got a ticket 3 weeks ago driving my company car: Failure to Obey Traffic Signal; i.e., he ran a red light. Thing is, he swears he didn't. But with only a 4-year-old and 7-year-old as witnesses, he decided he might as well just suck it up and pay. The ticket was a $29 fine, but with all the processing and BS fees, it ended up being $96.

The ticket is due this week and, interestingly, we have found not one, but TWO $50 bills this week, both with no chance of finding owners.

Karma? Seems like a pretty big coincidence to me.

Thanks, K. Won't you stay a while?

****footnote: probably explains the money part of the dream below, huh?****


Tiffany said...

Lucky duck! I guess that dream was a sort of premonition!

Hope your weeks stays that fruitful!

Tiff said...

Where exactly are you finding these $50 bills? And how about sending Karma this way? I've been good.

JaneyV said...

Somewhere in the world there's someone scratching their head thinking "how unlucky do you have to be to lose TWO $50 bills in the same week?" and wondering if it was payback for that red light they ran a while back!

SUV Mama said...

My C ran a red light (not as bad as it sounds, really, it was a traffic situation, not a blowing through a red light thing) and had his picture taken... no cop. The fine? $296.00.

Can your K come over to my house now? I need some of that...