Tuesday, April 21, 2009

50 Lashes With A Wet Noodle

Oh my.

I am so delinquent!! My blogging has taken a backseat. Taken a hike. Gone on sabbatical.

I've ignored it horribly.

There are all kinds of excuses: busy with work (extremely), busy with other things (working out - good!) (Facebook - bad!), lack of inspiration.... blah blah blah. But you don't care about the excuses.

Some of you have told me you miss me; that's so sweet and I thank you so much. I've missed me, too. In a twisted way, I've sort of lost part of myself (the part you know here) in a quest to find myself (the thinner, inner me; the professional me).

Nothing radical or wacky has happened in my life, really. And I spend so much time away from my kids that there isn't nearly as much inspiration there, either. I am hoping I'm just in a doldrums stage of my life. The past 9 or 10 months has been one long "transition period;" that is, I'm following my gut instinct and waiting to make a big family decision until it feels right.

No, I'm not divorcing my husband (yet! lol). I'm deciding if, when, and where to relocate our little family for my job. See, I love my job. Really, truly love it. In 13 years as a career woman, I have never been able to say that. So I am loathe to give it up, but I also loathe the travel. The overnight stuff, fly in a plane, rent a car, stay in a hotel stuff. The travel issue is easily resolved: by moving.

Moving, though, isn't such an easy decision as it may seem. I am one of 2 children. JeepMan is an only child. My sister doesn't have children (yet). Therefore, my children are the ONLY grandchildren on both sides of our family. We live, quite literally, in between the grandparents. An hour east or west will land us at their homes. A half hour further west puts us at my sister's front door. It's really ideal.

We love our town. We love the kids' school. We love being able to see family whenever we want. JeepMan has almost 10 years at his job - which is good and bad. He doesn't love his job. He's just comfortable there.

If we move, the obvious location for us would put us 3 1/2 hours from my folks', 5 from my in-laws. It would be a bigger city, but really it wouldn't offer us any great benefit other than the fact that I would be home most nights. No great recreation opportunities, no beautiful scenery, no family, higher cost of living, questionable job for JeepMan...

But oh, the lure of being home most nights.

Other options are hope and pray something amazing happens with my company closer to home, or say heck with it and grab a job with my company somewhere cool, like Colorado. Really, being 8 hours from our family wouldn't be that much different than being 4-5 hours!! And I've always wanted to live near mountains.

*sigh* sorry to be a downer. I suppose this is why I haven't written in so long!!

I'll collect some more kid funnies and be back in a bit. Thanks for sticking with me!! <3


Whirlochre said...

I appreciate the dilemma, and though it may not have a perfect solution I hope you can come up with the best match.

Meanwhile — hurrah for the return of Mom in Scrubs.

JaneyV said...

She's back! I've missed your posts. Honestly I haven't a clue how you do all that traveling. It must be grueling.

Hubby used to have a 5-hour a day commute to work which really wore him down. For us the solution was to move. It was a disruption initially but the kids adore this place now and our quality of life as a family is so much better. It was really worth it. We go back and visit regularly to visit family. The thing is to make the visits count.

It has to be what works for you, Jeepman and your kids.

And in the meanwhile "Hurray - for MIS being back!"

fairyhedgehog said...

You're back! Yay!

It's a big decision to have to make. We only moved 5 miles from our last house and that was still a huge decision, so trying to balance family, and scenery, and work, and kids, and everything must be very hard indeed.

Did I say I'm glad to see you back?

writtenwyrdd said...

Glad to hear from you! I know what a difficult decision it is to make, but seems to me that the distance to the in-laws and your folks isn't that bad a problem. You can spend more time there, too, if you are not traveling all the time.

But only you guys can weigh the cost increase for the homestead versus the travel costs versus the location of relatives, schools, quality of life issues.

So I hope the dilemma resolves itself soon.

Travis Erwin said...

Nice to get an update and to know you are well.

Irish said...

Glad to have you back, "G-G"!

And I hope you find all your solutions to your dilemmas.