Thursday, February 10, 2011

Listen Up, Whirlpool...

Lulu was getting ready this morning with me, in the bathroom. It seems like most mornings that's where everyone ends up; 2 kids, me, 2 dogs... total insanity. Why? It’s the warmest room in the house!! Another on my list of Reasons I Can't Wait For Spring, right behind the fact that it was -16 degrees outside today. Fahrenheit. Without "wind chill factor."
She was getting ready to put on her pants, some stretchy leggings, as per her usual. The child is a fashion Diva at the age of six; she rarely wears jeans or pants of any kind that aren’t “skinny.” As she was trying to decipher front from back, she stopped and held out the pants for my inspection.  
“See these? Mom?” They were just leggings that were designed to look like painted-on denim jeans. “Do you know my other ones that look like this, but they’re sparkly?” I nodded, trying to simultaneously listen and not to burn my forehead with the curling iron.
“My other ones are getting bigger. They’re getting so big they don’t fit right.”
This was confusing to me. “Bigger? How?”
“Well, Grandma (X-MIL) is MAKING them bigger when I go to her house.”
Now I was thoroughly nonplussed. “How in the world is she making them bigger?”
“I don’t KNOW!!!"  She actually stomped her little foot with frustration. "They're my favorite ONES too!!! I think when she puts them in the washer she pushes the “MAKE BIGGER” button!!!”
Ah, well, that explained it quite nicely. “Oh my, honey... you’ll have to ask Grandma what kind of a washer she has… I’d LOVE to have a MAKE BIGGER button on my washer! Then I wouldn't have to buy you new clothes every month!”
She made a disdainful face; you know the one only a six year old girl can muster. The last thing I heard as she pushed past me to leave the crowded bathroom was her muttering: “I’ve GOT to stop letting her do my laundry...”

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Tiff said...

Good thing you know how she likes her laundry done. The cost of paying a service would break you!