Monday, April 30, 2007

Be BankBe

The bedtime prayer sessions are yielding some hilarious moments...I am so glad we started doing this!

A couple nights ago we were settling in to Plato's room for prayers. For some reason every night it's an issue as to whose bedroom we pray in. I try to keep things fair and even but let's face it, some nights I just can't remember whose turn it is. So we knelt in Plato's room and made the sign of the cross.

Plato said he wanted to go first. He said, "I am thankful for everyone and everything. But except bullies. The End."

Ahhh, wasn't it nice when bullies were the ultimate evil?

Then it was Lulu's turn. She doesn't say the phonics of "Th" and "F" so she said, "I be bankbee,...uhh...Skittles! ORANGE skittles...and dat's all." I asked her if there was anything else she was thankful for. She put her pudgy little finger on her chin and looked up at the ceiling, her classic thinking gesture. "Well...I be bankbee por GREEN Skittles too...and WED ones...and LELLO ones...and BROWN ones....and PUHPUH ones...and dat's all !"

"Hmmmm..... BROWN Skittles? I don't think there are any brown skittles, honey. Do you mean brown M&M's?" Being the excellent therapeutic communicator that I am, I tried to give her some gentle guidance in her attempt at Skittle categorization.

She kept a straight face as long as she could (she is really good at this). Slowly, she got this impish look on her face, gave me a huge grin, and proclaimed, "I GOT YOU MOMMY!! HA HA HA!"

I am amazed that at almost 3 she has such a grasp of humor and comedic timing. Plato's idea of a great joke is still: "Knock, Knock. Who's there? Squirrel. Squirrel who? Squirrel who fell out of a tree and lost his nut!! HA HA! Good one, huh Mom?" He just doesn't quite get it...which is fine, age-appropriate even. But Lulu seems to have a bit more sophistication in this department. I guess it goes along with her mischevious and happy-go-lucky personality.

Next post might be about Lulu and her Bumby...more later.


Monnik said...

I think there could be a connection between birth order and comedic timing. Of course, personality plays into that too, but it seems like those with older brothers or sisters are funnier.

Once, when I was in high school, I drove a few of my brothers to a charity soccer game that was being held. One of the teams was made up of hospital staff (Erik was friends with Dr. Martin and he was leading the team.) Anyway, something happened where someone got hurt in the game (not badly, just like a kick to the shin or something) and Korey, who could not have been older than 8 or 9 at the time jumped up and shouted, "Oh, dear. Is there a doctor in the house?" The people in the stands cracked up.

So Lulu reminds me of how Korey was as a kid. Humor is a good trait to have. I've often been jealous of people who have witty and humorous comments to volley back and forth effortlessly. I usually come up with something funny to say about a minute too late.

Monnik said...

er, I mean Erik was friends with Doc Martin's son. But ykwim.