Monday, April 23, 2007

Brain-Drain and Writer's Block

This is a posted apology for my lack of posting.

Seems like when I have a few spare minutes to blog, I have total writer's block...and finding a few spare minutes has been very difficult the past few weeks. Work is crazy, my house is a pigsty, and the kids are suffering from mommy-time-o-penia (for you nonmedical types, "-penia" means "lack of.") So I have directed most of my "spare time" to quality time with the kids: I took them swimming last Friday night (got the best-mommy-in-the-world award for that one), and did lots of outside stuff with them this weekend. Sunday I got halfway through my laundry pile in between rounds of Memory, cooking meals, doing dishes, playing referee, and going on a several-hour "test run" drive with the truck, trailer, and Jeep with JeepMan in preparation for our summer vacation - which isn't until the end of July.

I think that might be a subject for a post in and of itself.

Note to self: Write a post about JeepMan and his OCD.


Monnik said...

Where'd you take the kids swimming?

The test run for vacation sounds funny...

Mom In Scrubs said...

We went to a local rec center. It is 3 feet deep at the shallowest so I had my hands full since neither of the kids swims real well. I had fortunately bought a couple flotation devices so that worked out. We'll be doing it again in the near future.