Thursday, December 27, 2007

MIL Musings #1

My MIL will never be described as the sharpest knife in the drawer. Most days I believe she isn't in the drawer at all, and the knife part is debatable too.

It makes it hell to watch movies with her, because she can't follow a plot. That in itself is not a crime. The fact that there appears to be no filter between her brain and her mouth is the real problem.

This weekend we brought Knocked Up to christmas. You might think this would be a no-brainer movie...which is what we thought, which is why we chose this particular movie to share.

Five minutes into the movie my MIL plops down on the couch. "What movie is this?"

It's called Knocked Up.


(On the screen are the two main characters, the guy and the girl.)

She opens her mouth: "Who gets knocked up?"

I decide to ignore this comment as I am sure she can't mean what I think she means.

But she won't let it drop. "Does the guy get knocked up or the girl?"

(silent forehead slap and silent Homer Simpson "DOH!")

Well I think generally when someone gets knocked up it's the girl....


Be assured there will be many more posts on this subject. It's an endless resource of blog-fodder.

'Till next time...


~SUV Mama~ said...

LOL! Oh, that's priceless.
I loved the movie. But your MIL is probably even funnier.

Monnik said...

Oh my. That's really bad. Is she Jessica Simpson dumb (playing it for her benefit)? Or is she truly just that clueless?

Mom In Scrubs said...

Unfortunately for me, ladies, she is really just that clueless.

I often wonder if she has those moments (like most of us) of lying in bed and suddenly realizing what a dumb thing she said earlier...


Travis Erwin said...

We just might be related.