Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Happy Harry's and a Meme

Okay, first the meme. This is an easy one, and a copout 'cause I don't really have a lot of inspiration right now. The assignment is to show everyone your workspace, i.e. where you blog. Here's mine:

You'll notice the empty cereal bowl and the extra-comfy chocolate leather chair. And my "pile system" of organization.

To the left of this organized mess is JeepMan's desk. Here's a pic of it:

Much cleaner than mine, but the chair's not as comfy. Frequently I find he has annexed my chair and I have to reclaim it.

What's that you say? There's a monkey in that chair? Sleeping?

Why, my word! The chair must be comfy after all. I'll have to tell JeepMan that. Lulu likes to get up after she goes to bed and come snuggle me. Usually I'm in my bed, but this night I was up late working. She didn't even ask to get up in my lap, just crawled into JM's chair and fell asleep. What a darn cutie.

So on to the first part of my title.

I'm having problems with my phone. I keep getting voicemails, and the freakin' thing never rings. Not good since it's my business phone and it's sort of important to be available to my accounts. I'll be having a chat with Verizon soon to see if we can work something out.

In the meantime I'm on voicemail patrol. Today I got a weird one. It was an automated message, and as is often the case, only the tail-end gets recorded. This one was a robot woman saying, "....and as always, we thank you for choosing Happy Harry's for all your pharmacy needs."

Uhm. Meh? What the heck was that? My first thought was, "ok, who's stolen my credit card number and buying male enhancement pills?" So I quickly checked my credit card websites, and no pharmaceutical purchases. Then I got to thinking, what kind of voicemail spam is this? I tentatively googled "Happy Harry's" on my (work) computer, dreading the onslaught of questionable sites that were sure to pop up (ha!). To my surprise, the first page of hits were an actual pharmacy in Delaware (the ph# matched and everything), which has been absorbed by the giant Walgreen's. Check it out: Happy Harry's.


Monnik said...

that harry sure does look happy!

Lulu is adorable... And your chair looks way more comfy than mine.

MrsTSalazar said...

I find my hubby sleeping in his chair much like Lulu (not nearly as cute though!)

Did you ever find out what Happy Harry wanted?

BlueBella said...

The more I read you the more I think we really were separated at birth! LOL We even use the same filing system for goodness sakes!!!

Gosh, I'll have to get to your meme - it's a fun one and doesn't take too much thought, I like that. Of course my pic will have a pile of dogs scattered around my chair.

writtenwyrdd said...

Happy Harry's does sound like illegal prescription by mail schemers.

Lulu is adorable!

SUV MAMA said...


I LOVE the pictures of LuLu. She is a doll & a half!!!

Barbara Martin said...

Will Lulu forgive you for posting her photo on your blog? Tell her everyone thought she looked so cute, and she does!

Your chair looks more comfy than mine, and probably is.

I came here via lizzydee.

ChrisEldin said...

Is this my first post here?

Just wanted to thank you for dropping by my blog!!
Also read your makeup sex---and have to admire you for your keen observational skills!!
That is *exactly* how it is!!!

btw, the bean bag chair explosion would've sent me to an asylum....

Penelope said...

Happy Harry is an awesome name for a pharmacy. I am lovin' that . . .


EE said...

Very cute!