Thursday, November 20, 2008





Whatever. You don't have to SAY it, you just have to DO it!!

I hereby officially launch a Weekly Post Idea. Play along if you like, it can be incredibly easy or incredibly deep. It's called "T.I.N.T.I.N.T.S Thursday."

The topic each Thursday is Things I Never Thought I'd Need To Say.

It all started Monday with my well-received phrase:

"Stop Drinking Your Potatoes. That's Rude."

Which was followed up Wednesday by Janey V's little nugget:

"Here's your Batman underpants back. Thanks for the loan."

So with Janey's enthusiastic endorsement, I've decided to run with this.

Now, TINTINTS started with some funny little statements. OK, hilarious. But while musing on this topic, I realized that there are many types of TINTINTS. Hypothetical examples:

"I can't believe I'm actually _________"

"You heard me, I said _______"

"I can't, I have a meeting with _______"

"Who flushed the _______ down the toilet?"

"What? You're saying I'm going to _______"

And so on and so on. The possibilities are truly infinite. Is there a phrase that marked the turning of your life in a completely new direction? One that devastated you? One that made you cry tears of joy? How about one that was so out of character for you that it became your "calling card?" One your parents used constantly that you SWORE you'd never need to use yourself? One that made you stop right there and rethink your whole life? Or revealed to you something about yourself that you'd never let yourself consider? How about a phrase so ludicrous that only the situation you were in at that very second could validate saying it (like drinking your potatoes, or exchanging Batman underwear with a grown woman).

Any phrase that made you stop, even for just a second, and think, "I can't believe I just actually said that" is fair game.

So here's the deal. If you want to participate, just post something on your blog, let me know, and I'll try to keep up with link-age. You can just leave a comment saying you posted and I'll link you. I'll try to post Weds evening, and I'll leave it up for Friday, possibly even the weekend if I'm busy!

Or, if you want to share a gem but don't want to post, just leave one in my comments section on Thursdays. You can use the TINTINTS to launch a story, or you can just hang it out there for the rest of us to laugh, cry, or scratch our heads over. Doesn't matter.

If you DO participate, could you kindly include linkage to me? I'd love to see a bit more blog traffic!

And with that, let the games begin!! Here's mine:

"Boogers do NOT count as a snack."

Yeah, Lulu eats boogers. Eeeeeew. And you thought she was so cute.


Student RN Tiffany


fairyhedgehog said...

Oh yuck! That is so gross.

It's a good idea though.

writtenwyrdd said...

hilarious idea, but I doubt I can think of or find anything to say!

JaneyV said...

Well I'll have no problem coming up with examples. Last week one of the children at school said (and you know I make all the kids names up right?) "Mucosa is crying."

"Why what's up?"

"She can't get out." So off I went to investigate. What I discovered caused me to say,

"Mucosa, how on earth did you manage to fit into the oven?:

Don't worry it was a play kitchen but we did have to take it apart to get her out.

So even if it's only the two of us we can keep each other amused and I'll send you lots of linky love!

Tiffany said...

Im totally participating! What a gem!

Ello said...

That's hysterical! Ok - if I don't have a brain fart on Thursday I'll play. But you may have to remind me - because of constant brain farts.

SUV Mama said...


I am a mother. I should have absolutley NO problems coming up with things to blog about for TNT.. wait, what the heck was it called again? :)

Your suggestions were awesome!

BlueBella said...

I said something to my Dad Thursday morning he has been repeating to me ever since and shaking his head and having a great guffaw. . .and all the family knows about it . .heh heh. It starts with "She's a little damp. . .". I'll blog about it and linky you up. Yeesh - the exhausted new Mommi gets no respect! :)

Heather said...

"oh crap, I flushed the poop"

Whirlochre said...

It's a terrible thing, but I've been embarrassingly sensible since you posted this and have nothing to share other than grammatically correct pearls of wisdom and truths about the known universe.

It won't last, though.