Thursday, November 13, 2008

Scraplets and Chunklets

My life has been very disjointed lately, and so this post shall be reflective of that state.

On the Blog front: I have to say this because it just makes me giggle over and over. I've installed the new Feedjit widget, which lets me know where my traffic comes from and how it gets here. I am surprised at some of the searches that lead people to my little thoughtful spot: "Vitamins for Fidgety Children," "Boobs Showing Scrubs;" etc.

But the one that almost made me spew hot coffee out of my nose was this one: "Brendan Fraser Nipples."

Holy Crap. That's awesome!

Now I see why Penelope uses "Rush Limbaugh" as her chumming material of choice. Put it out there, and the sharks will start to circle!


On the Man front: I haven't mentioned JeepMan lately. Probably because he's being very, very good. In fact, this whole travel-work-thingy has brought us closer together. It's definitely deepened our appreciation for one another, and we cherish the time we have together even more. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder...or (pick a cliche).

I see him mellowing in his "old age," too (37!). Maybe it's because the kids are getting older, and more self-sufficient, and the gap in development has narrowed. He can really relate to them now, and that has chilled him out immeasurably. I really love listening to him talk to the kids, joke with them, play with them. He really is a great daddy, and I can see that very clearly now.

When they were infants? Well, I must admit that I sort of wondered what the heck I had gotten myself into, getting knocked up by THIS guy...!

He did something a few weeks ago that I keep meaning to post but keep forgetting. It's really not a huge thing on the surface, but for HIM? It's big. Huge.

My man, my no-nonsense, pragmatic, get-your-own-door, open-your-own-jar-you-weenie, MANLY-MAN...

(you may want to sit down. seriously.)

...gave up his office - his CORNER office with TWO windows and a DOOR (that closes and locks!)- the office that he earned after 8 years of service in his department- for a CUBE.

Why, you may ask? Is he NUTS? In point of fact: no, he actually isn't (at least not in this particular instance). So what drove him to this masochistic behavior?

Get out your Kleenex.

You're still sitting, right?

He gave his office up for a co-worker who just came back from maternity leave and is still breastfeeding. She has no where to pump except for the ladies' room, and he thinks that's not right. So he gave her his office for as long as she needs to pump.

I'm Verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves.....

After I wiped my watery eyes (which he rolled his own eyes at), I told him, "Now, you KNOW she could breastfeed for the next YEAR or more, right?" He said, oh-so-nonchalantly, "Yeah, well, it's no big deal. I don't mind a change of scenery for awhile."


And before you start getting all suspicious, his cube is NOT close to the hottest woman in the office, or any of the cute work-study students. SHEESH! Like I would'nt see that one from a mile away!!

Besides. I checked.


And finally, on the Kid Front: Halloween is over, and here are some pics:

We love Halloween - What a blast!

Plato's been pretty quiet lately. He's learning about dinosaurs at school, and by osmosis, I'm always learning about dinosaurs that weren't even named when I was a kid. Like, Teratasaurus? I can't swear it wasn't around, but it wasn't one of the big dozen or anything!!

Lulu has been increasingly chatty. And she's a chatty kid anyway (maybe that's why Plato has been so quiet?). Now that the election is over, she's all excited that Barack Obama won. Which cracks me up! I'm sure it's just because it's fun to say his name.

The funniest thing is that she sees him EVERYwhere. Basically any young-ish, good-looking black man is Barack Obama to her. So far he has been spotted driving a school bus, putting gas in his car, walking his dog, pulling over a speeder, and shopping at Wal-Mart.

We were in the drive through at Burger King the other day, and the guy taking our money was a young black man. Then another young black man came to the window with our food. With both of them at the window, little miss Lulu observed (very loudly): "MOM!!!! DEY HAS TWO BARACK OBAMAS HERE!!!"

I just smiled at the guys. And hit the accelerator as the kids were wailing about ketchup. Ketchup? We have ketchup at home, dammit!

I later had a conversation with her about why she thought those boys were Obama. She said, "Because dey're BROWN BOYS, Mommy! Barack Obama is a brown boy, too!" I explained that just because people have the same skin color, that doesn't mean they're the same person.

Then used a very clever example about Daddy and Brendan Fraser having the same skin color, but obviously NOT being the same person!

Now when she picks up Plato's Nintendo DS and plays basketbal, she yells at the screen, "Shoot the ball, little brown boys!!" Once she caught me giggling and she said, indignantly: "WELL!!! I don't know dere NAMES!!!"

Well, at least she isn't yelling, "Shoot the ball, Barack Obamas!!"

That's all, Folks!


Monnik said...

Dude. We. Must. Get. Together. SOON.

I freaking miss you!

Loved the Halloween Pics! What a fun time!

That was nice of JM to give up his office. He's right - pumping in public restrooms is just wrong.

Great kid stories - those critters of yours are keepers for sure.

email me. We need to schedule a girls' night out.

JaneyV said...

Jeep Man - that was an incredibly gentlemanly thing to do. When I was pregnant with my eldest I was having a conversation with a co-worker (who was also pregnant) about where we could pump when we returned to work when a male co-worker very vehemently declared "Let me be very clear - there will be NO getting udders out in the office!"
A rude but very male response you might think. The thing is it was the other woman's partner - the father of her child. Apparently milk-filled boobs are gross.

Jeep man - you are a gent!

The Halloween costumes are brill too. I love the fangs.

And as for Lulu's obsession with The Prez-elect - all you have to say is "you know you DO have a look of Barack about you - handsome!" and flutter your eyes a lot. Then run.

Tiff said...

Finally, some Halloween pictures! You all looked great. And of course there is the mandatory pumpkin shot.

Way to go JM! There's some personal growth for you. He may never get his office back if you're possibly moving before she's done breastfeeding.

SUV Mama said...

Lulu is hilarious.

And Jeep Man has just proven that chivalry is not dead.

It's so awesome that travel has helped (not hindered). I always have maintained that it is how I stay married. For now, anyway. LOL! :)

Travis Erwin said...

Someone came to my blog today after googling, stroking a dog's penis.

writtenwyrdd said...

My, your life has been busy! I now will go find that feedjit widget and add it to my blog, too. Because I must know when the mention of Medieval Porn brings people to my cyberdoor! (Watch, this comment will get you hits for medieval porn.)

Whirlochre said...

Those are some pumpkins. I left vegetable purchasing a little late this year and we ended up with something no bigger than an onion. By the time I'd chopped a face into it, there was barely anything left.

SUV Mama said...

You look SOOO different in costume, btw. I would never have been able to tell it was you. Cool. :)