Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Anyone Buy This?

In what might be the shortest blog run in history, The Dawn has taken down her blog. To that end, she has left only this enigmatic comment on Nurse K's blog :

"Hey this Is Melissa. Dawn, aka- Danny my 17 year old kid brother, has been banished from my computer. Since he doesn't have access to one of his own Dawn has ben cancelled. I have my doubts that any of you are what you claim to be, but just in case you are here are a few final words. K I am sure you can be counted on to spread the word among cohorts that you have been had by a kid. Tell scalpel he is the only one of you that doesn't come across as a loon. His graphic description of herpes should serve as a fair warning to the wise whether he is a M.D. or not. As to the rest of you . Get a LIFE"

Now maybe this is true, but do I buy it? Naw.

Why? It's too EASY. See, The Dawn strikes me as someone who can't stand to lose (personal injury attorney). Taking down the blog destroys most evidence of her, stops the ridicule, and gives her a simple no-fault excuse for doing so; all while thumbing her nose at us and saying the joke's on us. What greater pleasure could she ask for? And to the credit of The Dawn, it's hard for me to buy the idea that a 17-year-old boy could come up with the bizarro stuff she did. Granted, her composition abilities were on par with a 17 year old of any gender, but the rest just doesn't fit. Barring all else, the fact that she started all this crap with an incendiary comment on MonkeyGirl's blog on a post about the death of a patient just doesn't jibe with "17 year old boy. " I would imagine medblogs would be more the trolling grounds of a "personal injury attorney," not a high-school-boy trying to pull off some elaborate hoax.

In addition to the above observations, I noticed that "Melissa" has a surprisingly similar writing style to The Dawn: grammar, misspellings, punctuation errors; I do note that she has adopted capital letters again. And the name-drops are, on the surface at least, non-famous.

Now I'll admit that I am not, in fact, a profiler for the FBI or anything, I'm just going with my gut here. But the laugh's on you, The Dawn. You're not fooling anyone. You're reading this right now, aren't you?

Go on, leave an anonymous post. Better yet, adopt a new persona. We're all waiting.

Dawn's Blog



Mom In Scrubs said...

OK, I'm really done now. Really. Probably. I hope.

SUV MAMA said...

THAT was hilarious.

Look, she didn't even bother to capitalize "i". Which is a sign of either being 17 or having the intellect of a 17 year old.

Either way, I so enjoyed reading your posts over there.

It's nice knowing super smart people. I can hang on your white lab coats and laugh at others.

RIP, Dawn. I think she'll appear somewhere soon... she had too much bizarre crap coming out of her fingers to put away the keyboard.

MonkeyGirl said...

Crayzee. As. A. Fucking. Loon.

I hope she comes back.

17-year-old brother, my ass.


I swear, as I read the things you said to goad her, I pictured my grandma chasing the stray barn cats around the yard with a broom, whacking them on the head and screaming, "I said go away!"

Monnik said...

oh man. that's funny stuff. 17 year old boy, my larger-than-it-should-be-ass.

Amy said...

This has been the weirdest three days of my blogging career...

Tiff said...

Hey! I caught you with your blog undone - and now my comment is gone.

Anyway, nope, don't believe it for a minute. I think she just realized that she had way more people against her than for her.

By the way, Happy VD!

ERP said...

Someone like that has a serious personality disorder.

ee said...


it was only 2 days old

Travis Erwin said...

I missed all of this drama and something tells me that is a good thing, but as a frequent abuser of grammar on my blog let me confess before you out me -- I am really a nine year old alcoholic school yard bully who is trying to get in touch with his softer side.

Mom In Scrubs said...

You get a pass Travis. You don't claim to be an under-appreciated genius.

Besides, you live in Texas...

SUV MAMA said...

Okay lady, I'm missing your posts. :) Hope you are well!

Penelope said...

I only caught part of this fiasco (Did I spell "fiasco" right??? I'm paranoid now, but not concerned enough to look it up-- whatever).

Anyway, I don't have anything to say. I just wanted to post a comment.

And yes, I am a cat. I am not a lawyer, or a doctor, or an international high editorial supermodel. I am just Penelope, the all knowing and ever so fabulous cat.

Go Stros

-- P

EE said...

Hey now, what's wrong with Texas?

I'm diggin' the bumper sticker things on your sidebar!