Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rip Roarin awards

I'm off in another city for the week. I flew out of "colder than an Eskimo fart, midwest" and landed in "colder than a snotcicle, midwest.." where the weather is comparatively balmy. In this post, I will finally address my lovely purple lion award, bestowed upon me about a month ago (maybe longer?) by my separated-at-birth blogfriend: SUV Mama.

The award was given to me for my ability to write, and in doing so to crack people up. Humor is the writing I do best, because it takes little effort and I naturally put a funny spin on things that happen in my everyday life. It's just part of my personality. I like to see the positive in life, and for me many of the positives are extracted from situations by looking at it from a different angle, hopefully a humorous one.

I do write other stuff. I like sensory writing: trying to help the audience see/hear/taste/touch/smell what I am describing. I like to do descriptive pieces about people I know - for example, I wrote the eulogy for my grandmother's funeral a few years ago. I like to write dialogue; it lends so much to most stories, and if used well, can really convey a lot about the speaker(s) without using glaring descriptors.

I don't know where this is going or if it's making much sense to anyone but me....I'll do the assignment now: Three Writing Tips and Five Bloggers.

1). Make Time To Write. (subtitle: practice what you preach). I know I haven't been the best at this what with my wacky schedule lately and my, uh, sabbatical in the Fall. Ok, just because I don't always follow it doesn't mean it isn't good advice. We SHOULD make time to write. Those of us who write for enjoyment should make time for said enjoyment. If you don't like writing, or find it a chore, you probably shouldn't be doing it! You all may think I'm nuts (or CrayZee =p), but I'm just going to throw this factoid out there: If I haven't written for a while, I start THINKING in prose. Example: I'm watching the kids play and start thinking, "Lulu crept quietly behind Plato, eased his precious toy bunny out of his arms with typical 3-year-old stealth, then took off at full toddler speed, shrieking and cackling like a maniac as Plato, protesting loudly, gave chase." Ok, maybe that's not "normal," but it's what starts happening if I don't actually write!! And no, I don't hear voices. At least, not many. Writing simply purges my brain and makes room for more.

2). Keep Your Voice. You know how you write. It flows from your brain into your fingertips and out into or onto your medium of choice. Let it flow. Don't second guess your writing style (unless your goal is to get published, then you might have to bend a little...). Your style is you. It's what makes your writing yours and no one else's. If you want to do writing exercises, try on new styles, or stretch your skills, by all means, do so. It may even shed light on a new style element that you'd like to adopt! Your style is dynamic and ever-evolving, but it's still yours. Claim it, own it.

3). Don't hate me for this one. If you're just keeping a journal for you and you alone, you can ignore this. But if you write for any kind of audience, please oh please PROOFREAD. Even just once. Perfect spelling and/or punctuation are not the issue here. Your writing should make sense and have some sort of flow. In my humble opinion, it's a polite courtesy; it says you care about what you write and that you care about your audience. You may disagree. You're allowed!

So that's my three cents. And now my five awards:

1). My BFF and the funniest chick I know: Monnik at Frazzled But Loving It. I've known her forever (almost) and she's always been able to effortlessly crack me up. She's an excellent writer and storyteller, and manages to organize her random thoughts very, very well. Read "The Tenacious Turd" and "The Secret Potty" for some mom-of-small-children ROTFLMAO moments.

2). I gotta give a "rightbackatcha" to Jess at SUV Mama. No, she doesn't have to do the tasks. But I LOVE her blog. She's this wonderful mix of fiery, ass-kickin', name-takin' She-Ra and warm-hearted, sentimental, die-for-my-children mother. She writes about her life, and lets us see her vulnerable side, all the while she making sure we know she doesn't really care what we think about it. She is who she is, take it or leave it. I'm taking it. My favorite recent post addresses the power of words.

3). Just a short hop across the internet (and the big pond) is Debbielou at One Day Closer Until...blogging from the UK. Even if this woman didn't write well I would have to stop by just to get my fill if british-isms. Fortunately she writes very well, and is a real pleasure to read. Her story about her Valentine's Day adventure is sure to have you cringing and snorting at the same time!

4). I am sure he has received numerous awards, but I have to give a nod to my favorite tall Texan, Travis, at One Word, One Rung, One Day. This guy is actually working on a BOOK, and I guar-uhn-tee he will be published one day! In the meantime he blogs about writing, family, and life - usually with a humorous spin. Now he's been writing a long time, and I certainly haven't read all his posts, but one sticks out clearly in my mind - the one that originally hooked me: The Art of Regifting. Travis, if you've already done this assignment, you get a pass. But you DO deserve the award!

5). Finally, my latest hero: MonkeyGirl at Musings of a Highly Trained Monkey. This hard-as-nails ER nurse isn't afraid to tell it like it is, in a HIPPA-compliant fashion of course. She touches something real in anyone who has ever worked in healthcare. She might be too much for the thin-skinned, or the eternal optimist. Healthcare has a dark side, and MonkeyGirl isn't afraid of it. Ever wonder how healthcare professionals take so much crap, and just keep coming back for more? This blog is an anthology of rants, with some real humanity thrown in for good measure. Check out her Sumdood Sightings post. MonkeyGirl, you can just take the award. You've earned the tin foil hat!!

So there! My task is done! Thanks for the award, Jess. And keep on writing, everyone!

Remember: Three Writing Tips and Five Nominations!


Debbielou said...

Thank you so very much!! - I've written a poem on my Blog in your honour xx I've also nominated you back !

SUV MAMA said...

Fabulous, fabulous tips!

Lady, you made my day. I think I'm framing your comments, hanging them in my office, and forever putting away the keyboard. Well, maybe not the last part. Except it would be good to go out on top.

You deserved the award, and I'm sure more are in your future...

PS: Great links, can't wait to check more of them out!

MonkeyGirl said...

Wow, thanks!

I would love to offer the writing tips and such, but alas, I have none.

Hell, I don't even recognize half of the stuff I've written, much less know how it was that I wrote it in the first place.

But I'm glad that I entertain you; that's most of the reason why I'm here!

Thanks for thinking of me!

Travis Erwin said...

Thanks for the kind words and the award. I did do this a while back so won't do it again, but I really appreciate the compliments.

Monnik said...

I swear I commented on this post. But maybe I dreamt it in my fever-induced haze. At any rate, thanks for the award. You rock and I'll do my part soon.

Debbielou said...