Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hay Chihuahua!!

Well, Folks, here he is: the man I consider to be the hottest on the planet.

Brendan Fraser

Hottie-Mc-Hottiepants. Dr. McHottie. The Hotinator. Makin' Hotcakes.

Now, I'd take this guy any way I could get him. He looks great all the time, no matter what the hairstyle or the clothes (or lack thereof). But the guy's also FUNNY. And humble. He doesn't seem to put on any airs or get caught up in all the Hollywood BS. He's just a super hot guy who doesn't even know how hot he is.

Ifirst fell in love with him in Encino Man. He played a lovable caveman and I remember him (vividly) slathered in red clay mud and pretty much nothing else. Woo Hoo!

When the kids wanted to rent George of the Jungle I sort of groaned. Look
ed stupid to me. But then this guy swung into the scene....Hay Papi!! I like George!! I like him a lot.

George no shirt? Very very good....

Black and White or color? Hmmmm.... I'll take both please!

When finding pics and info for this blog, I was surprised to find out that Brendan and his wife of 9 years Afton Smith had divorced back in December. Which bums me out because one of the reasons I liked him was he seemed sort of above-it-all with the Hollywood scene. And because they have 3 beautiful young sons. ...'Course, who knows, Hollywood may have had nothing to do with it.
Either way he is now single. Hmmmm.....
What I'd really like to know is where these pictures came from and what time period they were taken in:

They're kind of hard to see and I couldn't find them in bigger pixels but basically, from left to right, it's Fraser in a Fig Leaf, Fraser as Adonis, Fraser as Mercury, and Fraser as Poseidon. They're all Fraser nearly naked, which suits me just fine. But I wonder where these came from and what the point was (other than to make women, and surely some men, salivate uncontrollably)?

You may not know but Fraser is also an accomplished amateur photographer, with a website at
http://www.brendanfraser.com/. Check it out, it's pretty damn cool. All in all he sounds like a down to earth, versatile, well-rounded gentleman.
Who looks equally good in a Tux or a G-String.


Tiff said...

He is one good-looking guy!

I read somewhere (after we talked about it) that he did the greek gods photoshoot after he did George of the Jungle because he knew he'd never be in that good of shape again. Yep, down to earth.

Monnik said...

Never in a trillion years would I have guessed Brendan Fraser.

But, he is rather tasty, so I'm feeling you... :)

Debbielou said...

Wooooo!!!! I loved George of the Jungle and Yes she is rather gorgeous - prefer him with the longer hair!

writtenwyrdd said...

Got to agree on the George period of Brendan's life. *drools*

He's so likeable, too.

btw, followed the linkie love from Oxyjen's blog to get here.

Mom In Scrubs said...

Welcome writtenwyrdd!

Thanks for the comment, come by often!

Anonymous said...

Brendan is so the hottest hottie that ever lived
i love him more than words
and i have also been wodering about the gods photo's
awsum that he is single
wish i was a bit older
he probably wouldn't go for a 16 yr old would he?
u never know tho :P

wish me luck in my brendy hunt

Anonymous said...

Those photos were in a spread in Premiere magazine at the time George of the Jungle came out. I had a subscription at the time and held on to this copy for years but alas, it has been lost in my many moves.