Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It's My Money, and I Want it NOW!!

This is Lulu's new favorite random blurt. We hear it all the time. Even when she's just talking to herself.

Lulu really has nothing to do with this post. I just wanted to make everyone out there aware of an extremely cool website I found:

This is a FREE website that is searchable by name and state to find out if you or anyone you know has unclaimed $$ out there. Unfortunately I and the hubby am not owed anything, although there may be a claim for us on my great-grandpa's estate. I did find about 10 people that I know that are owed $$ though!! Monnik's brother, a sister of another friend, a physician I know, some college friends, and my husband's biological's addicting. SUV Mama, I searched you and you might be owed, check it out! Don't forget deceased relatives - I'm not being greedy but there's a lot of unclaimed estate money out there.

I'm totally interested in what everyone finds out, please let me know!!

Have fun and happy treasure-hunting!


Monnik said...

this is pretty cool... a friend found my name on another similar website not long ago and I found that HUD owed me $500.

Talked to my brother's wife and they had actually learned of this money owed to them through something called the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt at the state fair that my Dad and his wife did. Apparently it's a pain to claim (and so was mine - lots of forms and such...) but heck - money is money!!!

Debbielou said...

How exciting ! We have a similar thing in the UK but it's mainly to do with deceased relatives leaving millions of pounds to distant relatives who they have never known!

SUV MAMA said...

I am SO buying you dinner!