Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Car Conversation ala Plato & Lulu

JeepMan went in today for an MRI. He's had a couple episodes of visual disturbance recently, and the MRI is to rule out any major cause. You know, work from the worst case scenario to the best, that kind of thing.

This morning on the way to drop Plato off at school, he asked what JM and I were doing today. I told him we had to take JM to a doctor's appointment. As always, both kids immediately wanted to know if Daddy was going to get a shot. I told them no, just an x-ray, nothing that would hurt. Plato pointed out that even grownups had to get shots sometimes. Lulu added that sometimes the shots even hurt, but grownups don't cry.

That's when the conversation took a detour:

Plato: I know someone who got a shot in the BUTT once!

Lulu: In da bumby? (this is her term for girl-parts)

Plato: No. OW!! That would really, REALLY hurt! Not the bumby, but right in the BUTT. I hope I never have to get a shot in the butt.....(thinks on it for a while), will I ever have to get a shot in the butt, mom?

They don't give many shots in the butt these days, Plato.

Plato: Did you ever have to get a shot in the butt, mom?

Well, actually, I did get a shot in the butt once. When I was seven. I needed an operation and they gave me a shot in the butt to help me go to sleep.

Plato: YOU had an OPERATION once Mom?!?! Did it HURT??

Lulu: What's a op-uh-ra-shun, Mommy?

I needed to have my tonsils taken out. Your tonsils are little pieces of skin that hang in the back of your throat. You usually can't see them, but sometimes they can get really big and infected and make you sick. My tonsils made me sick a lot. They would get so big I could hardly swallow. The doctors decided to take them out. They gave me medicine to make me go to sleep, then they opened my mouth and took them out. My throat was sore for a few days, but after that I never had trouble with my tonsils again.

Plato: (awe in his voice) Wow, Mom. I hope I never have to get MY tonsils taken out of my throat!!

Lulu was quiet. She's pretty much never quiet. She seemed to be actually processing all that information. Finally, she spoke up:

Lulu: Mommy?

Yes, Lulu.

Lulu: I bet you'll never eat THOSE again, huh?


Monnik said...

those kids of yours have the BEST conversation...

Ello said...

Ha! Too cute! And I bet you never did eat those again! ;o)

JaneyV said...

Tonsilitis - yuck! I try to avoid those stinky little boogers too! Cute story!

Hope JM's OK.

Debbielou said...

Brilliant !
Hope all went well for JM x

EE said...

Mis: Please email me ASAP, I have something you should find hilarious.

SUV MAMA said...


Now THAT was cute.

I hope the MRI went well!

Tiff said...

That Lulu's a riot. And Plato's quite the thinker.

Hope JM gets good results!

BlueBella said...

Hilarious! What dolls you have. Can't wait to hear what comes outta my kids' mouths.

jason evans said...

Ah, very logical indeed.

Travis Erwin said...

The other white meat.

Penelope said...

Too cute. . .

-- P