Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Post-Memorial Day Breather

Wow, what a crazy and busy Memorial Day weekend!!

Sliding into the weekend, I actually got to spend three days doing 3 cases at my hometown account!! This was HUGE for me, as prior to this I had only done one case there since being off orientation in April. Hopefully this signals a turn toward more staying at home and less traveling.

Friday's case went kinda late, so I scurried home to decorate Lulu's birthday cake. I had the (rare) foresight to bake the cake Thurs nite so it would be ready for decoration Friday. The kids decided on their own to give up playing at the park with Dad to get me a sandwich and bring it home to me. What sweet kids...I'm so lucky! Of course that gave me 4 extra hands for cake decorating, which I didn't need. So I hung out with them, then decorated the cake after they went to bed. It turned out pretty well. If I'd had more time I could have made it a little fancier, but Lulu was pleased.

Saturday was mad house-cleaning then party at a local restaurant at 11am. Grandparents and Great-Grandmas made it, along with my Sis and BIL. Lulu's b'day always falls around Mem Day weekend, so our turnouts for her parties can be hit-or-miss. It's nice to have just family, though. And I'm putting off the kid-parties until the kids insist. Ugh.

Sat. nite we travelled to my folks to spend the night, then got up and hit the area Amusement Park all day Sunday. What a gorgeous day! 85 degrees and breezy. Lovely! We wore ourselves and the kids completely out, and had a blast. Plato is the daredevil, he will go on any ride and generally want to go again. He's SO disappointed when he's not tall enough to go on a ride. He's about 49 inches, so once he hits his next growth spurt he'll probably be making most of the height limits. Lulu, on the opposite end of the spectrum, is a big chicken. It takes a lot to get her on a ride, and half the time she cries the whole time. "Baby Rides" (as Plato calls them) are about all she likes. She is a huge fan of the bumper cars, though, and would probably just ride those all day and be quite happy.

Monday we had breakfast with the folks, then went downtown to watch the new Indiana Jones movie while Lulu hung out with G'ma and G'pa. We really enjoyed the movie, as all of us, including Plato, are big Indy plans. Growing up, I even had a dog named "Indy." Thought they did a fantastic job of integrating Harrison Ford's age into the story, and Cate Blanchett was stellar as always.

Then back home, and early to bed for the kids. I've been working all day today, and so far don't have to travel this week, which is nice. Looking forward to a nice short work-week!!

Sorry I haven't been around to the blogs lately, I actually haven't been on the internet for a solid week!! Amazing and sorta scary...I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms...


Monnik said...

I've been unable to make the blog rounds lately too. It's really not cool.

Sounds like a great weekend. Can't believe Lulu is 4!! And I love the cake. I enjoy decorating cakes too, though Brie and Jake aren't so into it anymore.... Oh well, at least Vali will be for a few more years.

SUV MAMA said...

You MADE that??? Holy Moly, woman! I'm completely impressed.

4 rocks. At least it's better than 3, in my opinion. 3 is....entertaining. LOL!

YEAH for Indiana Jones & Amusement Parks. Sounds like a pretty damn perfect weekend!

Debbielou said...

Wow !!! What a fantastic cake - Make your living from those - Brilliant !

Sounds as thogh you all had a great time - we're off to see the film today ( hopefully - as it has been sold out in our local cinema).

I've not blogged for ages either - I honestly do not know where the time has gone to - great to have you back !

Tiff said...

As you can see from all of my comments today - I also haven't been keeping up with any blogs.

Maybe by the end of summer Lulu will get a little braver. You'll just have to take them every weekend with your season passes so she gets used to the big kid rides ;-)