Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Make-Up Sex

Got your attention, huh?

This is really more of a rant, but what follows may not be suitable for the easily offended, or my Mom.

Everyone else, read on. It's not that bad, really...

So my day was ... tarnished by a squabble between me and JeepMan. It was of the usual flavor: him overreacting to something really inconsequential, me reading probably waaay too much into his overreactiveness. The point is, we'll get over it and get on with our lives none the worse for wear as we always seem to do.

We don't live by the oft-advised: "Don't go to bed mad." Guaranteed that if we argue in the evening, we will go to bed mad. Then in the morning, we'll sort of mutually "forget" about it. Translate: neither of us wants to apologize, and neither of us has the desire to expend the energy that would be required to resume an argument that no one can (will) win.

Because let's face it, there usually isn't a winner in our arguments. He's too pigheaded to admit he's wrong, and I'm too pigheaded to admit he's right.

So we just get it out, get it over, and get along...
...every once in a while, though, he wants to get it on.

Yeah, I'm talking about "Make Up Sex." The much-glorified topic that I simply don't get. And by "get" I mean "understand." Actually, I think I DO understand it, but HE definitely doesn't. Because I can't be wrong about this. I just can't. Please tell me I'm not....

As JeepMan understands it, Make Up Sex is this: Sex. For the purpose of making up. So, we have the sex, and when we're done, we've made up. A means to an end.

Which is totally ass-backwards in my mind.

As I understand it, Make Up Sex is this: You make up. Then you have the sex. You have the sex because you've made up, and the making up makes you feel like you might actually want to have sex. It seals the deal, so to speak.

'Cause frankly, when we're arguing, that's the last thing on my mind.
In JeepManLand, the high emotions of the arguing should be getting us aroused somehow. Like the "pissed-off-ed-ness" can be somehow channeled into "take-me-now-this-very-second-ness." Wouldn't that be nice?... but I don't see it happening in MomInScrubsWorld. Ever.

Sucketh up to me, and thou shalt receiveth what thou seeketh. That, my dear husband, is Make Up Sex. At least in THIS marriage, baby.

Anyone else? Thoughts? Opinions? I'm dying to hear...

***Oh, and can anyone tell me how to do that fancy thing where you type a word than strike through it? I love that and can't figure it out!***


Monnik said...

strikethrough is a simple html code.

in the edit html part of blogger, before and after the word do this:

{strike} WORD {/STRIKE}

But instead of the { and } use < and >. I can't actually display the code or it'll just work magically in the comments.

anyway, I am one THOUSAND percent with you on this one, girlfriend! Make up sex is what you get after you decide to quit being a stubborn ass and you get on with your life. You don't have the sex TO make up.

Aerin said...

Well (TMI from me, but my mum doesn't read this blog), I do sometimes like having sex sort of during a fight, because it's just this very base, animalistic thing. But I would never consider it an alternative to actually making up. On the other hand, I'm usually pouting after we make up (I know, I'm weird), so make up sex for me can't ever happen right after we make up.

And I didn't know how to do the strike thing, either! Cool!

Tiff said...


Enough said.

Ello said...

SEX, pray tell what is this SEX that you speak of?

By the way Sucketh up to me and thou shalt receiveth what thou seeketh sounds very much like something the guy would say to the girl - that's just nasty! he he

You have sex after a fight? Seriously, after a fight all Da Man gets is sleeping on the floor. Ooooh, I think I'll blog about that!

JaneyV said...

Hi there - I've popped over from Ello's because I read "make-up sex" and that was enough for me!

Make-up sex is when you allow body parts to touch (like feet or maybe holding hands) to indicate that hostilities have ceased. For ACTUAL sex to take place alcohol needs to be involved.

What Jeep-man describes is Angry Sex which actually can be quite hot and may even lead to ceasefire. But Make-up sex can only happen if peace has been declared.

I should, like go work for the UN or something!

SUV MAMA said...

LOL! Love the comments. Cracks me up. And needed to know how to strike stuff out. Thanks.

I totally agree with the above. Angry sex and make up sex are 2 different things.

Make up sex is just- "I love you, you love me, we're not fighting anymore, and whatever argument we've had is so insignificant compared to our love for each other. So let's get it on!"

Not- oh, look what I can do to you to make you forget that you were pissed off in the first place.

Although that can be fun.

Travis Erwin said...

I much prefer drunk sex to make up sex since you don't have to go through all that nasty bickering to get there.