Monday, December 08, 2008

MY AWARD!!!! (and a Plato funny)

Dude, I'm so lame. I've been desperately trying to keep up on my blog-rounds, and have come to depend on my handy-dandy little widget over to your right there to let me know when people have posted. It's like my own Google Reader, right here on my front doorstep!

Anyway, the thing doesn't, of course, tell me when I've missed more than one when I go visit, I need to click on the blog title, not the post title, then scroll through to make sure I haven't missed anything.

Well I goofed. Big time. SUV MAMA gave me an award on NOVEMBER 29 (yes, you read that right!) and I only just discovered it this weekend. I'm not sure I even still deserve it, but since she hasn't taken it down or yanked the graphic, I'm claiming it today. Here's what she wrote (about moi)!

"...I don’t think she’s revealed her “real” name but I think it’s okay if I call her G.

G was kind enough to meet me for dinner in Denver. I had a lovely time. We talked as though we had known each other for years. She’s just that kind of person- warm, funny, and sharp. My kind of cheese. G’s brain is always on, always working, and always going faster than the speed of light. Her view of life is positively interesting- and centered on being a grounded, dedicated wife & Mom who has achieved success through hard work- and yes, ingenuity..."

(sniff, sniff) Oh, you're done?

Well, I will agree with my brain always on, but the "always working" part seems to have been missed this time. Maybe it's because it's been going TWICE the speed of light lately...yeah, that's it! Either way, you all know me by now, and I am going to chalk this one up to a blonde moment.

Thanks, SUV Mama (Jess). I'm honored by this award and will place it proudly in my sidebar. You rock, and I'd love to meet you in Washington should I ever get the pleasure of going there again. Keep that baby boy of yours snug in your belly for the holidays, and I can't wait to hear all about him when he arrives, safely and soundly. You're the best!

Now, here's the award:


And a Plato funny:

We spent Saturday night at my folks; they babysat the kids while JeepMan and I went to a lame-0 Jeep Club Christmas Party (that was so lame it doesn't warrant elaboration).

The next morning my sister, "Aunt Tiff" and I were at the breakfast table with the whole family, discussing the evening before over fresh strawberry belgian waffles, a-la my dad. She had babysat the kids with my mom.

Apparently they were having a snack of sliced apples when Plato inquired as to what the nutrients in the apples were good for (a topic near and dear to his heart ever since the nutrition unit in 2nd grade).

Aunt Tiff: "He wanted to know if they were healthy for his eyes....or for his bones...or for a 'chest cold...'?"!

This last was accompanied by a cocked eyebrow and quizzical look.

Me: "Well, he HAS had a yucky cough for a couple days, but we've never called it a 'chest cold;' wonder where he heard that?"

Mouth full of waffle, Plato mumbled something that sounded like, "Thf nf wumf umf dumf."

Me: "Plato, don't talk with your mouth full. Swallow, then you can speak."

Dutifully he chewed and swallowed. Even took a drink of juice. He cleared his throat and spoke.

Plato: "I SAID, 'That's not what I said.'"

Aunt Tiff: "Well, then, what DID you say?"

Plato: "I ASKED, was this healthy for my eyes, my bones, or my Testicles!!"

Suddenly JeepMan was trying desperately not to spray waffle all over the table, my mom was speechless, my sister was turning several shades of red trying not to bust a gut laughing, and my dad was hunched over the waffle maker, his shoulders shaking with probable laughter.

Plato, being a quick study, immediately claimed the spotlight:

"You know, my BALLS!"

Dear Lord:

Please Save Me Now.



Ali said...

Oh wow.... that was too funny! Hee hee.... :)

fairyhedgehog said...

That's so funny!

fairyhedgehog said...

Oh, and congratulations on the award! That got rather overshadowed by the testicle event.

JaneyV said...

LOL - Plato is so funny! It's totally inherent in blokes isn't it? The preoccupation with their danglies.

One of the kids at school announced recently that her cat was going into hospital that day.
"Oh dear, what's the matter with him?"

"Ah nothin' - he's just getting his balls chopped off!"

The comedic value of balls could shore up the economy.

Congrats on your well-deserved award!

Monnik said...

Bwahaha! That kid is too funny. I can totally see all parties involved choking on waffles not to explode.

Whirlochre said...

What's amusing about fledgling testicles is the way the penny drops before the balls do.

Sylvia said...

That's hysterical! I like how he elaborated, seeing as the grown-ups were clearly not getting it!

Sarah Laurenson said...


Oh my. Oh my. Yep. They do say those things. And elaborate on them once they get a reaction.


Nice award, too!

SUV Mama said...


THAT was funny. And damn it, you are LUCKY that I just used the restroom. LUCKY.

McKoala said...

Ah, gotta love seven-year-olds.

Tiff said...

It was funny enough when I thought he was talking about a chest cold (what seven year old knows about chest colds?) but his testicles? That boy has some interesting ideas!

Drofen said...


writtenwyrdd said...

Hahahaha! That's funny. It's like when the kid goes up to you at the zoo and yowls as loudly as possible, "What's that monkey doing, Mama?"

Kevin Musgrove said...

Kids can be devastating. Thanks for this one!