Thursday, December 11, 2008

TINTINTS Thursday 12/11/08

Things I Never Thought I'd Need To Say:

"Look at me. LOOK at me. Are you listening? If I pass out or stop breathing, check my pulse. HERE. Can you feel that? If you DON'T feel that you'll need to do CPR. Put both of your hands HERE, and push down hard and fast. Don't worry if you feel my ribs break - Just keep doing it. And after every 30 compressions, hold my nose, tilt my head back, and give me a big breath. You have to keep doing that until the ambulance gets here. It'll seem like forever, but you CAN'T STOP. Do you understand? OK, just don't leave me, please?"

You can read the whole story HERE. Ironically, it happened on a Thursday.

(cue Twilight Zone Music)


KLS, Student Nurse


Student RN Tiffany

Be sure to check their comments for some hidden gems, as well!

Thanks for playing!!


Tiffany said...

Thats pretty crazy!!

JaneyV said...

What a terrifying ordeal. Have you been OK since?

By comparison my TINTINTS is pretty tame.

KLS said...

Will be posting my 12/11 TINTINTS momentarily.

BlueBella said...

Wow that's awful!

My TINTINTS for this week:

"You don't have to wear pants if you don't want to."

To my daughter . . .in that witching hour before we put on pajamas.

Monnik said...

that's freaky. Makes me think I really need to train Bumblebee on dialing 911 in case of an emergency.

SUV Mama said...

Holy Crap! I don't know how I missed that story!!!

:( I'm glad you are one healthy girl, my dear, or I'd worry. I think you are just freaky.